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My name is Michael Farach and I am a certified kickboxing instructor, personal fitness trainer and sports nutritionist. I am a mobile service company that trains clients in the convenience of their home. I've been serving the city of Ottawa since 2012.


Over the last several years I have focused on improving the quality of life for my clients. My passion is to work in the health and fitness industry to help individuals lead a healthier lifestyle. My commitment is to design a workout program which will not only help participants reach their goals, but achieve their personal best through safe, effective, challenging, fun workouts which will be educational and informative. Each training session should be a meaningful experience and life changing. Living a healthy lifestyle requires dedication to the fullest.


To make a full body transformation, one must understand the importance of exercise AND nutrition. As a certified sports nutritionist I will also guide you in making the proper nutritional choices needed to fuel and recover your body. Keep in mind that transformation does not happen overnight, but with a little dedication from you and 100% commitment from me, together we will reach your goals!


"The journey to walk 1000 miles begins with one single step"

Boxing Session


1-on-1 / Group / Classes

Boxing Instructor

Boxing is one of the most effective methods to lose weight, tone muscles and build strength while learning a new skill and have fun doing it!

1-on-1 / Group / Classes

Muay Thai Instructor

Muay Thai is a style of kickboxing that is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it combines the use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Experience for yourself a striking art that is proven to be effective not just in the ring, but also at getting you in the best shape of your life!

1-on-1 / Group / Classes

Farach Fitness

Personal fitness training is a great way to stay focused and committed to your workout program. Having a certified professional guide you to reach your fitness goals is also the safest approach to exercising because you learn proper technique.  The benefits of personal training is that you will have a customized program tailored specifically to YOUR needs. Perhaps you’re just beginning to work out on a regular basis, or maybe you’re an athlete looking to get to the next level. Whatever your situation and goals, having a personal trainer will help you achieve them faster.

Boxing / Muay Thai / Fitness


Looking to try out a class?! Check out classes being offered at the Glebe Community Centre and Old Ottawa South Association. There will be a variety of classes for you to choose, from boxing, kickboxing to fitness classes. Click below for class information and registration




Why go to the gym when the gym can come to you. The beauty of in home training is that you never have to leave your house! If you have the space within your home then I am willing to travel to your house to train you. As a personal trainer, I have mobile training equipment that I can bring with me such as; boxing equipment (punching bag & reflex bag), dumbbells (2-24 lbs), stability ball, agility ladder, exercise mat, etc.


City Parks / Garage / Back-Yard / Field

What's better then training in-doors? Training out-doors in the fresh air on a nice sunny day! Over the last several years, I trained a variety of clients for some out-door training. The locations and training options are endless. Wind, rain or shine I'm willing to train just about anywhere. As a personal trainer, I have plenty of mobile training equipment that I bring with me such as; boxing equipment (boxing gloves, punch mitts, punching bag & reflex bag), dumbbells (2-24 lbs), resistance bands, step-board, stability balls, agility ladder, exercise mat, etc.


Orleans, ON

(Available Spring, Summer & Fall)

I converted my backyard into a private gym where I have been training clients since 2012! The area is spacious to train, 100' x 40'. The entire yard is secluded with 12 ft tall cedar trees which makes training private from onlookers. The yard comes fully equipped with a portable punching bag, reflex bag along with strength training equipment such as dumbbells ranging from 2 lbs - 40 lbs, step board, resistance bands, stability balls, Bosu ball, agility ladder, exercise mats, etc. My training facility is located in Orleans, east end of Ottawa, just minutes away from Place D'Orleans mall. Parking is available!


In my experience, exercising in the setting of a complex or community centre is a safe and comfortable environment while performing training sessions. The days and times are dependent on the availability of the complex/community centre. 

(Classes Offered)

Glebe Community Centre (GNAG)
175 Third Avenue, Ottawa, ON

Old Ottawa South Assoc. (OSCA)
260 Sunnyside Avenue, Ottawa, ON


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“Michael is an experienced and talented personal trainer. He has proven to me through the years that boxing is a great workout for anyone regardless of their starting fitness or strength. Michael has a genuine positive attitude so every session you are empowered to work out even harder. Very professional coaching and definitely will help you to achieve your health goals. I always look forward to my sessions.”

Nicolino Frate

Michael Farach

Certified Boxing Instructor / Personal Fitness Trainer

(c) 613-795-7062

Ottawa, ON, Canada


(7 days per week)

Monday - Sunday

9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Thanks for submitting!


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