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As a certified personal fitness trainer since 2007, I had the opportunity to work with various clients from all walks of life. Each person has different goals when it comes to fitness. So whether your personal goal is to lose weight and inches, increase muscular strength & endurance or simply improve overall physical conditioning, my commitment is to create a well-balanced exercise program that will help you reach the specific goal you have in mind. Your program will have the five components of fitness: cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength training, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. Typical cardiovascular conditioning routines may consist of jogging, biking, skipping, etc followed by strength training using compound exercises targeting major muscle groups (chest, back, legs and core). The program will end with full-body stretching to improve flexibility. The idea behind any good workout program is to increase resistance so your body will adapt to the higher levels of stress.

Price Information (Tax not included)

  •    1   Session   = $85

  •    5   Sessions = $80/per session ($400)

  •  10   Sessions = $75/per session ($750)

GROUP TRAINING (2 or more people)

Sometimes people need that extra motivation or someone to keep them on track with their workout program. Bringing along a friend or two is a great way to share your fitness journey together. I'm open to doing either a boxing workout or strength training workout with your group. Another benefit to group fitness training is that prices are reduced for each individual compared to 1-on-1 personal training.

Price Information (Tax not included)

  •  2   People = $120 ($60 per person)

  •  3   People = $120 ($40 per person)

  •  4   People = $120 ($30 per person)

  •  5+ People = $125+($25 per person)

CLASSES (16+ years old)

Sculpt and Tone Circuit Training

Sculpt & Tone Circuit Training class is a full-body workout that challenges cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and muscular strength. The first half of class will focus on cardio drills such as sprints, step-ups, hops, and footwork drills to get the heart pumping and improve balance & movement. The second half of class will focus on muscular strength and endurance. The format of the class is presented as a circuit which involves an exercise station that is 1 minute in length with 20 seconds to rest and transition to the next. Each station will target all major muscle groups such as chest, legs, back, arms and core! A mix of body weight exercises and weight resistance are utilized, high reps and low weights (3lbs – 15lbs). This class is for all levels of fitness and will definitely rev-up your metabolism to get you in the best shape of your life!


  • Old Ottawa South Association (OSCA)

      260 Sunnyside Avenue, Ottawa, ON



Registration and Price Information

Prices vary depending how many weeks offered in the season. View registration and price

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