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What Should I Expect From Thai Boxing Near Me?

French, American and other forms of conventional boxing will keep you fit and provide close quarter combat techniques. But, did you know you can add different approaches to your repertoire? And, Thai boxing is a sure way to enhance your conditioning and skill level.

What Techniques Will Thai Boxing Add to Your Traditional Skills?

  1. The use of knees, chins, elbows and other parts of your body in attack and defence

  2. The Iconic roundhouse kick

  3. Grappling and lock techniques

  4. Variable postures and spacing

  5. Attack and defence even from prone positions

What Do I Need To Get Started?

  1. Gloves

  2. Shin guards

  3. Groin guards (especially for men)

Where Can I Get Thai Boxing Lessons Near Me?

You don’t have to look around Ottawa. Farach fitness has a certified instructor who can be your personal teacher. They’ll ensure you get the right foundation in a safe environment.

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