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Can I Get Muay Thai Classes Near Me At Farach Fitness And Community Center Ottawa, ON?

Muay Thai classes are a safe way to learn this deadly form of martial arts. It challenges by proving a full body workout and improves your coordination by helping flex some muscles you never use. But, it's challenging, especially at the start.

That’s why you need a vibrant group of other eager trainees for friendship and to help you get back on your feet when you’re knocked down.

Where Can I Find Muay Thai Classes Near Me?

Farach Fitness offers such classes and at its vibrant community center Ottawa, ON. Their instructors are fully certified in providing the best fitness training at attractive rates. So, checking out Farach fitness' offerings is an excellent idea whether you're in it for exercise or training for a competition.

How Do Farach Fitness Muay Thai Programs Differ From The Rest?

Farach adds a layer of fitness training to get your body into the right conditioning. They also take time to ensure you’re adequately drilled on the fundamentals with loads of tough love and encouragement along the way. Anyone over 12 can attend so you can turn it into a family affair.

Here are some of the classes Farach fitness offers;

SHAPE-UP Accredited Muay Thai classes – Level One

SHAPE-UP continues to be a reliable source of fitness-related information for millions of Canadians. Farach fitness takes great pride in the fact that such an authority ranks its Muay Thai classes. You can get such training in the lush and serene surroundings of Greely.

Peaks to these classes include;

  1. Drilling into the fundamentals

  2. Optimal stances and effective poses

  3. Shadowboxing sessions

  4. Conditioning drills

  5. Farach provides all the gear you need

Location: 1352 Cuthbert Way, Greely, Ottawa

Bookings @ 613-878-0937 or

Farach Fitness Comprehensive Muay Thai Classes (OSCA)

Level one

Takes you through the same fundamentals as the SHAPE-UP classes explained above. But you can take your training up a notch because this Community Center Ottawa, ON, offers more classes and sparing opportunities.

Level two

Here you get to develop and sharpen your defensive and offensive capabilities. Participants get to practise such skills in a safe non-full contact fashion. Farach fitness offers protective gear such as striking pads and gloves, but it’s a good idea to carry your own.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Effective walking combinations

  2. Low leg kicks

  3. Counterattacks

  4. Spinning attacks

  5. Grappling and throwing maneuvers

Location: 260 Sunnyside Avenue, Ottawa

Bookings @ 613-247-4946 or

Can I Bring the Family along to Muay Thai Classes Near Me

Sure, you can Community Center Ottawa ON, a family-friendly atmosphere with ample parking and classes for everyone over 12. So, feel free to pack everyone into your car and crush those fitness goals as a loving family. Who knows, Farach Fitness may be compelled to give you a friendlier rate.

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