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Learning how to exercise safely and effectively has never been easier. The ability to access online training means that you have the freedom to workout more confidently in your own home at your own time. Farach Fitness is offering three great workout options from boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and fitness training.

Price Information (Not including tax)

  •   1  Session  = $70

  •   5 Sessions = $65/per session  ($325)

  • 10 Sessions = $60/per session ($600)


GROUP TRAINING (2 or more people)

The power of technology allows us to have multiple people workout on one screen. So, do not feel pressured to go through your fitness journey alone, invite a friend or two to join you! The advantages of having more people train by your side is that it’s more cost effective for everyone!  

Price Information (Not including tax)

  • 2   People = $35 per person ($70)

  • 3   People = $25 per person ($75)

  • 4   People = $20 per person ($80)

  • 5+ People = $15  per person ($75 minimum)

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